NOLA Investigates is a criminal investigation firm with a combined experience of over 40 years. NOLA handles most criminal investigations, particularly those involving capital litigation, civil rights litigation, and background investigations. NOLA staffs trained mitigation specialists and forensic-science investigators; helps attorneys litigate for adequate funding and representation; and works with forensic and mental health experts, in both representation and private investigations.

Our investigators are trained in a variety of forensic areas including blood pattern analysis, PMI inquiries (time of death issues), other pathological issues, entomology, and AFIS and IBIN interpretation. Our mitigation specialists are trained to conduct complete bio-psycho-social histories, work with mental health experts, and prepare for the penalty phase at trial. We are committed to providing competent investigation in line with national standards and the ABA guidelines redefined in 2003.

NOLA Investigates • P.O. Box 850107 • New Orleans, LA 70185 • Phone: (504) 267-4805 / (866) 412-5158 • Fax: (504) 267-4810